This is me

This is me
This is me

lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

ED ALLEYNE JOHNSON worth a moment in your life

Ed Alleyne Jhonson is a British violinist who plays his self-made electric violin. Currently, you can see him busking in the streets of Chester (near Liverpool) or York. He has been a busker for more than 20 years, since he was a Fine Arts student at Oxford University.

He uses his self-invented 5 strings violin which he used to play with a kitchen knife, a guitar sound effects pedal and an amplifier modified to be used with rechargeable batteries. That setting has allowed him to go busking around the most important streets in Europe, USA and Canada.

During his time in Oxford in the late 80’s, he played with a local band, Raindance. Besides, he has collaborated with the band New Model Army in their top 40 “Vagabonds” and their tour around Germany for 5 years.

Although he is poorly known and counts on a modest discography, his musical style is quite original as well as ingenious. As a recommendation, I suggest you his version of Pachelbel’s “Canon” and his own composition titled Oxford Suite. SUPERB!!!

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